As the biggest foundation in Spain and the 3rd largest in the World, “la Caixa” Foundation plays a key role in the supporting child health and the most important humanitarian causes all over the world. Every year the foundation runs more than 50,000 actions to help improve the life of those who need it the most and supports leading social organisations through innovative social justice initiatives that prioritise the most vulnerable groups. In its fight to end child mortality, “la Caixa” Foundation became the biggest European partner of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, in 2008. Since then, together with Gavi, it has managed to vaccinate more than 4 Million children, by investing 23 Million euros, creating a Spanish Business Alliance to let companies contribute to the vaccination campaign and launching joint funding schemes together with the general public and “la Caixa” employees. This week, “la Caixa” Foundation will be curating @Vaccines, talking about its contribution to a great objective: building a healthier world for all.