This week, @Vaccines is curated by Hope Randall, a founding member of PATH’s Defeat Diarrheal Disease Initiative (@DefeatDD) – which is almost 10 years old! You can therefore expect her to talk about all the latest and greatest on the status of vaccines against the leading forms of diarrhoea and other enteric illnesses, such as rotavirus, ETEC, Shigella, and typhoid, as well as how integrated approaches serve children best. (Shameless plug: @DefeatDD is hosting a rotavirus-themed Throwback Thursday campaign this week. Don’t miss it!)

Like the rest of her team, Hope loves creative communications (see DefeatDD’s hall of fame). She also loves to talk about her most recent advocacy win: convincing her skeptical mom to get her flu shot. Tweet at her this week with your favourite innovative communications campaigns that encourage vaccine use and investment.