This week tweeting @Vaccines, you can catch Dr Clarisse Loe Loumou, a Cameroonian doctor and tireless advocate for child health and immunisation. Here, she introduces herself:

“I’m a paediatrician, with particular interest in malnutrition and immunization. For the past 14 years I’ve worked in public hospital in Cameroon, recently becoming head of a mother and child malnutrition unit.

For 20 years I have also been an advocate for child health and access to health care with Alternative Santé, a local Cameroonian association that help mothers and children. My civil society activities scale from local to national to global levels. I also represent worldwide civil society for immunization at Gavi’s Program and Policy committee.

I also head the implementation of a sub-Saharan francophone network for immunization and health system strengthening, which held its first workshop just 1 month ago.

This week, I will be tweeting about the big challenges civil society is facing for the coming years: how achieve a win-win combination of vaccines, new technology, and all the knowledge on immunization with government’s willingness to pay and organize strong health systems. Our final goal is immunization for all.”