“I work in the refugee camp in Minawao. We educate people about cholera. I left my village to vaccinate, immunize all my six children against cholera as we were educated about this. Cholera is a very dangerous disease and even worse, it can kill. It’s a disease which shows itself by causing diarrhoea, vomiting, and leads to dehydration, and at some point, the person may die. That’s why I came here, to immunize people. People have really suffered here because of cholera. It has killed a lot of people here. A lot.

Last year, a lot of health centres took a blow especially concerning the local population. Many caught it and many died. That’s why I have to bring my children here to get them immunized against cholera rapidly, because I can see how important it is.

Even we, the auxiliaries, were so busy last year. We were told that cholera has killed this person over there, cholera has killed that person, go and treat the area with cresyl and disinfect everything. Many have fled and gone back to Nigeria, because they see that there is war there, they run here and find people dying from cholera.

It wasn’t just the camp. There was a case, last year, where a lot of our brothers came here to work to welcome people who arrived at the camp. There were some who caught cholera and it travelled back home and it attacked the whole area. Last year, it was like that, it just didn’t stop.

But this year, they have been educated since the rainy season. We have trained auxiliaries, young people too and we’re educating people in the camp. That’s why this year, I haven’t seen a single case of cholera. And also there is backing for immunization against cholera. Because cholera is not a disease to joke about. It’s something that kills fast.”

Moussa spoke to Gavi in 2015. Find out more about cholera vaccines in Cameroon here