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4 ways vaccines can stop cancer

After World Cancer Day last week, we are sadly all too aware of the deadly impact of cancer. It accounted for 8 million deaths worldwide in 2012, and is taking an increasingly heavy toll on developing...

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This week in vaccines 7th February 2016 This week World Cancer Day was the centre of attention, with vaccines celebrated as a powerful (yet in some cases still underused) tool for preventing some major causes of the...

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This week in vaccines: 8th November 2015

This week in vaccines 8th November 2015 This week the diseases were varied, but the conversation was all about looking to the future of prevention. Despite ongoing conflict, Yemen introduced a new vaccine to join the push for polio eradication and better protect its...

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Learning to get HPV vaccines to the world’s poorest girls

Celina Hanson (Gavi), Paul Bloem (WHO) & Emily Loud (Gavi).  Women in developing countries disproportionately suffer from the burden of cervical cancer, yet often their countries do not have resources to establish screening programs that save women’s lives elsewhere....

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5 almost vaccines

It’s often said that prevention is better than cure, but vaccines can play hard to get. So in 2014 it’s still the case that we don’t have them for some of the most deadly diseases on the...

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“No woman should die because of where she lives”

Diane Summers, Senior Specialist, Advocacy and Public Policy, Gavi. Immunisation is often thought about purely in terms of saving children’s lives. But vaccines also have far reaching effects into adulthood, and the Humanpapillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, which protects against a major infectious cause of cervical cancer, is one such...

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