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Cameroun : la vaccination pour combattre le choléra

Rachael Hore, Gavi Un cliché de la campagne. Photo : Gavi/A. Makundi 2015. Le Cameroun a lancé la première campagne de vaccination avec le vaccin anticholérique oral, soutenue par Gavi. Une campagne menée sur le terrain par Médecins sans Frontières...

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This week in vaccines 6th December 2015 Polio was back in the news this week as India took a huge step towards cementing progress against the disease by introducing inactivated polio vaccine...

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Cameroon: using vaccines to combat cholera

Rachael Hore, Gavi A snapshot from the campaign. Photo: Gavi/ A. Makundi 2015.  Yesterday, the first Gavi-supported oral cholera vaccine campaign was launched in Cameroon, conducted on the ground by Médecins sans Frontières...

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@Vaccines against cholera

This week @Vaccines is in the hands of Lorenzo Pezzoli, a member of the Global Task Force on Cholera Control (GTFCC). The GTFCC is a network led by the World Health Organization (WHO), which brings together governmental and non-governmental organizations, United Nations agencies, and scientific institutions to coordinate global activities for cholera...

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Data power: preventing disease on the ground

When a severe cholera epidemic led to a series of deaths in his local district, Dr John Snow mapped clusters of the disease to help pinpoint the cause – a method which identified a contaminated water pump at the intersection of two busy...

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