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This week in vaccines: 12th February 2017

This week saw the passing of data-loving “edutainer” and vaccine advocate Hans Rosling, prompting many to re-share his famous TED talk and other notable occasions when he shared his optimism about global health and...

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This week in vaccines: 6th November 2016

This week a Lancet study drew attention to the death sentence faced by many women developing female cancers in developing countries, and how HPV vaccines could save hundreds of thousands more lives by preventing the major causes of cervical...

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Preventable diseases are still alive and kicking, even though vaccines work to stop them.  For a better look at outbreaks around the world, check out this great map from Council of Foreign...

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Sri Lanka: five steps to vaccine success

Chris Endean, Gavi Sri Lanka, which reports a near 100% vaccine coverage rate, is one of four countries scheduled to take on the full cost of its immunisation program in 2016, departing from Gavi...

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Data power: preventing disease on the ground

When a severe cholera epidemic led to a series of deaths in his local district, Dr John Snow mapped clusters of the disease to help pinpoint the cause – a method which identified a contaminated water pump at the intersection of two busy...

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