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Vaccines Work When Supply Chains Do

At the same time that we build vital demand for families to vaccinate their children, we must also ensure that adequate supply is available for the families when they come. Vaccine availability depends on a multitude of factors, but a critical component is the supply chain and logistics systems that ensure vaccines (and related supplies) arrive safely when and where they are...

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This week in vaccines: 22nd January 2017

  The World Economic Forum convened in Davos this week, where politicians and private sector leaders launched a new initiative aiming to manufacture vaccines for high-risk diseases ahead of potential...

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This week in vaccines: 30th October 2016

This week kicked off with World Polio Day, prompting stories and discussions about the journey towards eradication from all corners of the world. As 1 million cholera vaccines made their way to Haiti, one expert considered the long term picture, calling for a more sustainable approach to controlling the...

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This week in vaccines: 11th September 2016

This week in vaccines 11th September 2016 This week the DRC’s yellow fever vaccine campaign was concluded in record time, and the immunisation response to Nigeria’s unexpected polio cases continued to gather speed....

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This week in vaccines: 31st July 2016

This week in vaccines 31st July 2016 This week saw organisations come together to celebrate World Hepatitis Day, and call for elimination of the disease in the face of a growing number of deaths, including vaccines for types A and...

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Getting life-saving medicines from the sky

A medical drone on a test flight in Rwanda. Photo: UPS. Kevin Etter, UPS, and Moz Siddiqui, Gavi The Rwandan government will soon use drones to deliver life-saving blood supplies and rabies vaccines to health workers in the western half of the East African...

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World Immunization Week 2016: 7 Days, 7 Ways to Improve Child Health

Amber Zeddies, Associate Communications Officer at the Gates Foundation. This week, governments, organizations and communities across the globe will come together to celebrate World Immunization Week. We’re excited to spend the week spotlighting the importance of immunization and highlighting the global push to “Close the Immunization Gap.” Throughout the next 7 days, we’ll be highlighting 7 ways to improve child health – one for each day of the week – focusing on vaccine successes, progress and opportunities to improve vaccination coverage...

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STEP-ping up to share skills and save lives

Emily Loud, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance “There is a lot to manage to make sure children are vaccinated in Kenya. With hard to reach areas, inadequate transport and high turnover of workers, I used to wonder how we were going to keep everything going.” In her work as a community nurse, Lucy Wanjiku saw the damage done by preventable diseases, and wanted to do something about...

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