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This week in vaccines 7th February 2016 This week World Cancer Day was the centre of attention, with vaccines celebrated as a powerful (yet in some cases still underused) tool for preventing some major causes of the...

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Spreading the word about vaccines in Ethiopia

Rachael Hore, Gavi What does it take to get people to claim their right to protection against deadly diseases? The answer is as varied as the people in question. In Afar, Ethiopia, actors, singers and dancers are all part of innovative efforts to help families in this rural community demand the vaccinations their children deserve just as much as youngsters living...

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The Board Chair of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, says we must share vaccine technology with all countries to save lives.  He recently went to China to see how they can help with this...

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Heard at #WHA68: Closing the immunization gap

Kristen Kelleher, Policy Communications Team Leader at PATH. At the end of May, PATH joined health leaders from around the world at the 68th World Health Assembly (WHA) to discuss how to close the global immunization...

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Speeding Up the Race for Medical Innovations

Speeding Up the Race for Medical Innovations Some global health challenges can seem insurmountable. Innovations are the key to changing the system for the better. The global community needs to encourage more initiatives like these, including Gavi’s work to improve vaccine implementation and strengthen health...

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