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The women who made modern vaccines work

Have you heard of Edward Jenner, the inventor of the modern vaccine? Or Jonas Salk, whose polio vaccine was a turning point in the fight against this debilitating disease? If you know something about global health, you’ve probably heard of these vaccine pioneers.…

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This week in vaccines: 13th March 2016

This week in vaccines 13th March 2016 This week, International Women’s Day dominated the news coverage, and Gavi’s Anuradha Gupta explained how women’s inequality impacts vaccination coverage around the world.  Though it may no longer be grabbing the headlines, we saw this week how the Ebola outbreak is still having troublesome effects on routine vaccination in West Africa, and the Ebola vaccination trial is also...

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Immunisation: a powerful piece of the equality puzzle

Anuradha Gupta, DCEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance A mother and father celebrate their baby’s vaccination in Nepal. Photo: Gavi/Oscar Seykens. In 2016, girls and women are still more likely to miss out when it comes to the advances of global development: going to school, getting well paid for their work or representing their country...

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Happy international women’s day!  Let’s celebrate the interventions we have to improve women’s health. …

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