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This week in vaccines: 15th January 2017

This week was a big one for Pakistan, as officials in Balochistan responded to a rare strain of polio with a big vaccination campaign, and Punjab became the first province to launch rotavirus vaccine, a key measure to prevent child deaths from...

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This week in vaccines: 31st July 2016

This week in vaccines 31st July 2016 This week saw organisations come together to celebrate World Hepatitis Day, and call for elimination of the disease in the face of a growing number of deaths, including vaccines for types A and...

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@Vaccines against polio

This week, @Vaccines is curated by Dr. Anuj Bhattachan, a physician, blogger and traveller from Nepal, passionate about global health, poverty and equity issues in low income settings. Dr. Anuj has been involved with the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) since 2005 and will tweet about how vaccines work in Pakistan, with a particular focus on Supplementary Immunization Activities (SIA) in...

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This week in vaccines: 5th June 2016

This week in vaccines 5th June 2016 This week polio in Pakistan grabbed our attention once again – but for a good reason. The country reported environmental samples negative for polio, which is a clear sign that the eradication campaign is gaining...

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Why is routine immunisation key to ending polio?  Pakistan’s focal point on polio eradication shares her expertise.  (Source:...

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