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This week in vaccines: 20th March 2016

This week in vaccines 20th March 2016 This week a second possible dengue vaccine proved promising, and suggested a way forward for the search for Zika vaccine. Researchers also explored the possibilities of tackling nutrition and sanitation problems that prevent vaccines from protecting children as well as they could in poor...

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@Vaccines: on the right PATH

Taking the reins of @Vaccines this week is a dynamic duo from PATH: Lippi Doshi and Hope Randall. Lippi Doshi is a senior communications associate at PATH. She’s worked in the field of vaccines since 2007 where she first became involved with the Human Hookworm Vaccine Initiative at Sabin Vaccine...

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Protecting Kids with Vaccines

To commemorate the upcoming World Immunisation Week, we’re joining PATH and partners in the #ProtectingKids blog series. The series features personal stories about the lifesaving impact of vaccines  at home and...

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Walking together for immunization: 15 years and counting

Steve Davis, President and CEO of PATH. In the past two decades, we’ve seen tremendous evidence of the power of vaccines to save lives and improve health. As the leader in global health innovation, PATH works across the spectrum from development to delivery, accelerating innovations in vaccines and other areas into better health and opportunity for...

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Vital vaccines: preventing diarrhea hospitalizations in South Africa

Candace Rosen, Manager Policy, Advocacy & Communications, and Laura Edison, Scientific Communications Associate, PATH Nearly 600,000 young children die from severe, dehydrating diarrhea every year. Rotavirus, the leading cause of severe diarrhea in infants and children worldwide, accounts for approximately one third of these deaths and millions of...

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