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Polio eradication: where are we now?

Ciara McCarthy, Gavi Ahead of World Polio Day, we spoke to Michel Zaffran, director of polio eradication at the World Health Organization, about the difficulties in vaccinating every child and what the success of the polio eradication programme means for our work to tackle other...

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This week in vaccines: 14th May 2017

This Friday, an Ebola outbreak was declared in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), but this time emergency vaccines are ready to be deployed to stop the outbreak. Over the weekend, India also made a landmark vaccine introduction with the launch of the pneumococcal vaccine, which prevents causes of both pneumonia and...

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This week in vaccines: 26th February 2017

This week global health leaders assessed progress towards vaccination for all children, and concluded that the world is behind schedule. The plight of children in Yemen, left at risk of polio due to conflict, was also brought to the fore, while a vaccination campaign to contain cholera was organised in South...

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This week in vaccines: 19th February 2017

This week Bill and Melinda Gates released their annual letter, including a showcase for the “miracle” vaccines they have championed to save children’s lives around the world for some...

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This week in vaccines: 12th February 2017

This week saw the passing of data-loving “edutainer” and vaccine advocate Hans Rosling, prompting many to re-share his famous TED talk and other notable occasions when he shared his optimism about global health and...

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