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This week in vaccines: 22nd January 2017

  The World Economic Forum convened in Davos this week, where politicians and private sector leaders launched a new initiative aiming to manufacture vaccines for high-risk diseases ahead of potential...

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This week in vaccines: 15th January 2017

This week was a big one for Pakistan, as officials in Balochistan responded to a rare strain of polio with a big vaccination campaign, and Punjab became the first province to launch rotavirus vaccine, a key measure to prevent child deaths from...

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This week in vaccines: 4th December 2016

This week World AIDS day saw renewed discussion around the possibilities of an HIV vaccine, and one new promising vaccine trial was set to kick off. Education and vaccination organisations partnered up to help the world’s most vulnerable children have a healthy, productive...

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This week in vaccines: 27th November 2016

After the World Health Organisation stated that Zika was no longer a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, conversation around what this meant persisted, while efforts to find a vaccine...

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This week in vaccines: 30th October 2016

This week kicked off with World Polio Day, prompting stories and discussions about the journey towards eradication from all corners of the world. As 1 million cholera vaccines made their way to Haiti, one expert considered the long term picture, calling for a more sustainable approach to controlling the...

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This week in vaccines: 23rd October 2016

The top headline this week was the announcement from Gavi, UNICEF and other international vaccine partners that a vital immunisation – protecting against not 1 but 5 diseases – would be available to eligible countries for less than $1 per dose by...

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This week in vaccines: 16th October 2016

This week saw International Day of the Girl Child inspire organisations worldwide to redouble their efforts to support girls and the challenges they face to health and education. This included the announcement of a new partnership between Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and Girl Effect to help boost demand for HPV vaccination – which helps prevent cervical cancer – in sub-Saharan...

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This week in vaccines: 2nd October 2016

This week in vaccines 2nd October 2016 The biggest news this week was that the Americas were declared free of endemic measles, meaning that they have not seen home-grown cases in some...

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This week in vaccines: 11th September 2016

This week in vaccines 11th September 2016 This week the DRC’s yellow fever vaccine campaign was concluded in record time, and the immunisation response to Nigeria’s unexpected polio cases continued to gather speed....

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