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This week in vaccines: 31st January 2016

This week in vaccines 31st January 2016 As the World Health Organisation convened to discuss imminent health issues in Geneva, Zika continued to dominate the news. Some argued that the only option to combat it was to find a vaccine –...

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This week in vaccines 6th December 2015 Polio was back in the news this week as India took a huge step towards cementing progress against the disease by introducing inactivated polio vaccine...

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@Vaccines: on the right PATH

Taking the reins of @Vaccines this week is a dynamic duo from PATH: Lippi Doshi and Hope Randall. Lippi Doshi is a senior communications associate at PATH. She’s worked in the field of vaccines since 2007 where she first became involved with the Human Hookworm Vaccine Initiative at Sabin Vaccine...

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Immunization Advocacy Work Resumes as Liberian Ebola Outbreak Recedes

Mike McQuestion, Director, Sustainable Immunization Financing Team at the Sabin Vaccine Institute The opening ceremony of a recent Liberia/Sierra Leone Peer exchange meeting. Photo by Cliff Kamara. One year into the Ebola outbreak, Liberia’s health system is in tumult, impeding progress toward the country’s sustainable immunization financing...

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Heard at #WHA68: Closing the immunization gap

Kristen Kelleher, Policy Communications Team Leader at PATH. At the end of May, PATH joined health leaders from around the world at the 68th World Health Assembly (WHA) to discuss how to close the global immunization...

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