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This week in vaccines: 15th January 2017

This week was a big one for Pakistan, as officials in Balochistan responded to a rare strain of polio with a big vaccination campaign, and Punjab became the first province to launch rotavirus vaccine, a key measure to prevent child deaths from...

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Reflections on immunisation in Uganda

Mothers gather under a tree to have their children vaccianted in Kyamulibwa, Uganda. Photo: Will Boase/RESULTS UK Amy Whalley, Head of Policy Advocacy at RESULTS UK. Sat on a mother’s lap under a tree, a baby cries out loudly and...

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RESULTS for @Vaccines

This week @Vaccines is curated by Laura Kerr, Policy Advocacy Officer (Child Health) with RESULTS UK and passionate grassroots campaigner for universal immunisation around the world. Immunisation is one of RESULTS UK’s core issues as part of our goal of improving global health, especially for the poorest and most marginalised individuals, families, and communities in developing...

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Don’t let polio flatter to deceive

Jim Calverley, Parliamentary Advocacy Officer (Child Health), RESULTS UK Photo: Abhishek Bali/ACTION Over the past decade, 10 billion doses of Oral Polio Vaccine have been given to 2.5 billion children, preventing an estimated 3.5 million of cases of...

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