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Maseray Coker (right), lead mother in Waterloo community, Sierra Leone

“I have about 30 mothers that I teach about how to care for their children and take them for immunisation, so that they will not be sick. There are some mothers, who will tell you ‘I have to pick my vegetables, I have things to do, I won’t be able to go’ so I ask them to give me the child and give me the health...

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This week in vaccines: 27th March 2016

This week in vaccines 27th March 2016 There were no shortage of vaccine launches this week, as Kyrgyzstan launched pneumococcal vaccine and South Sudan started a campaign to immunise people against meningitis...

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This week in vaccines: 13th March 2016

This week in vaccines 13th March 2016 This week, International Women’s Day dominated the news coverage, and Gavi’s Anuradha Gupta explained how women’s inequality impacts vaccination coverage around the world.  Though it may no longer be grabbing the headlines, we saw this week how the Ebola outbreak is still having troublesome effects on routine vaccination in West Africa, and the Ebola vaccination trial is also...

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This week in vaccines: 13th December 2015

This week in vaccines 13th December 2015 This week was one of reflection, as news outlets looked to the past and future of vaccine preventable bugs.  CNN walked us through a sad list of diseases that, thanks to vaccines and medical care, no longer exist for many, but still afflict the world’s...

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This week in vaccines 29th November 2015 This week was a busy one for countries in Africa. Uganda introduced HPV vaccine, and Mozambique launched inactivated polio vaccine to provide extra protection against...

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Promoting immunization amidst the threat of Ebola

Ramatu Jalloh and Mohammad B. Jalloh, Health and Nutrition Sierra Leone Civil Society Platform (HANSLCSP) The Ebola outbreak that began in May 2014 derailed significant progress that had been made in helping immunization coverage rates recover from the 1990-2000 civil conflict as well as undermining an already fragile health...

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