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This week in vaccines: 30th October 2016

This week kicked off with World Polio Day, prompting stories and discussions about the journey towards eradication from all corners of the world. As 1 million cholera vaccines made their way to Haiti, one expert considered the long term picture, calling for a more sustainable approach to controlling the...

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Getting life-saving medicines from the sky

A medical drone on a test flight in Rwanda. Photo: UPS. Kevin Etter, UPS, and Moz Siddiqui, Gavi The Rwandan government will soon use drones to deliver life-saving blood supplies and rabies vaccines to health workers in the western half of the East African...

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The (online) gateway to a healthier future

Yulia Yurova, Gavi Imagine that you are a manager responsible for a national immunisation programme. Through evidence-based case studies and advocacy, you have secured your Finance and Health Ministry’s endorsement to apply for a range of Gavi-supported vaccines: now it’s up to you to ensure political commitment is translated into life-saving protection for the next generation of...

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Smartphones in India: dial V for vaccine

Duncan Graham-Rowe, Gavi.  At the end of a busy vaccination session, Mitra Kumari needs to take stock, literally. As a cold-chain handler for the Bareilly Primary Health Center in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populated state, she needs to know that she has enough vaccine doses in stock for the next day’s immunisation...

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The Board Chair of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, says we must share vaccine technology with all countries to save lives.  He recently went to China to see how they can help with this...

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Getting @Vaccines where they need to go

Getting vaccines where they need to go, on time and intact, is no simple feat. This is particularly true in the developing world where vaccines face many obstacles such as poorly planned delivery routes, archaic data collecting methods that still rely on pen and paper, a lack of well-trained support staff to manage the supply chain, poor transport and logistics systems, and insufficient cold chain oversight, to name a...

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Final push against polio: Punjab shows the way in Pakistan

Emily Loud, Gavi, with help from Acasus. Vaccinator in Punjab province uses a mobile application to register immunisations. Photo: Acasus / 2014 It’s not often you pick up the phone and hear the voice of a senior minister at the other end, asking how you think local immunisation services could be...

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VillageReach – taking @Vaccines to the last mile & beyond

VillageReach is a non-profit global health innovator developing new solutions to critical healthcare challenges in low- and middle-income countries. In particular, they work on the “last mile” of delivering vaccines, making sure they get where they need to be at community level....

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Heard at #WHA68: Closing the immunization gap

Kristen Kelleher, Policy Communications Team Leader at PATH. At the end of May, PATH joined health leaders from around the world at the 68th World Health Assembly (WHA) to discuss how to close the global immunization...

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