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Making vaccines work to prevent pneumonia

A pneumococcal vaccine is prepared in Kenya. Photo: Gavi/Evelyn Hockstein.  Ahead of World Pneumonia Day on 12th November, we spoke to Professor Andrew Pollard of Oxford University about his work in studying the impact of pneumococcal vaccines on the fight against pneumonia in developing countries: Why did you choose to work on the prevention of infectious diseases like pneumonia and, in particular, child...

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@Vaccines to stop pneumonia

This week, @Vaccines is curated by Dr. Kate O’Brien, Executive Director of the International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC) at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. O’Brien is a physician, an epidemiologist and a vaccinologist with a focus in vaccine preventable childhood...

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This week in vaccines: 14th November 2015

This week in vaccines 14th November 2015 This week was all about reflecting on big picture progress, and undoubtedly the highest profile stories revolved around World Pneumonia Day. On 12th November people around the world united to remind the global community that pneumonia is still the biggest killer of children under five, despite a range of vaccines to prevent its causes and treatments to stop its...

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A Community Approach to World Pneumonia Day

Huma Khawar, freelance journalist and communications consultant, Pakistan.  Vaccine implementation requires policy and community-level approaches to ensure on the one hand that vaccines are available and on the other hand that parents bring their children to be...

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