In the week that 1.4 million supported yellow fever vaccines went to Nigeria to control an outbreak, ex-finance minister, vaccine champion and Gavi’s Board Chair Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala spoke on television about modern immunisation challenges and ensuring the future of vaccination.

Despite the delivery of 1.9 million vaccines to Yemen last week, diphtheria cases are on the rise. An outbreak has also been reported in Indonesia, with health authorities planning to launch an immunisation drive next week.

With safety concerns raised over Sanofi’s dengue vaccine, the Philippines government halted use of the vaccine and threatened the company with legal action. Meanwhile, a Zika vaccine dropped by Sanofi in September showed promising results in an early-stage clinical trial, and The Economist reminded us of the potential of the upcoming RTS,S malaria vaccine pilots in 2018

Vaccine communications also featured highly, with health officials raising concerns over the number of parents rejecting the HPV vaccine, while research suggested a new approach to addressing anti-vaccine sentiment by appealing to parents’ moral values.