This week in vaccines

10th January 2016

This week the conversation revolved around India, as the final round of Mission Indradhanush – a campaign to fully immunise more children – got underway. At the same time, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance was there to talk to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about what the future holds for immunising the 25 million children born every year in the country.

The new year brought some new concerns, however. The Lancet pointed to the urgent need to close the measles immunisation gap, while researchers found intestinal damage to be a probable cause of vaccine inefficiency in children from poorer backgrounds.

Picking on last year’s progress, polio was still at the forefront of everyone’s minds. National Geographic asked whether 2016 will be the year we overcome the disease, while British researchers made a fascinating new year’s resolution – to create a strain of polio that could be used in vaccines after eradication, to help the disease stay away forever. Let’s hope the world is in a position to use their creation!