This week in vaccines

11th September 2016

This week the DRC’s yellow fever vaccine campaign was concluded in record time, and the immunisation response to Nigeria’s unexpected polio cases continued to gather speed.  

A Canadian team looked back on their efforts to develop and test an Ebola vaccine, and Zika vaccine prospects began to improve while conversations persisted around vaccine preparedness for the next unknown outbreak.  Malaria vaccine researchers considered effects of dosing schedules, and Mexico joined Brazil and the Philippines in rolling out a new dengue vaccine

Innovation seemed to be in the air, as a young UK inventor unveiled his Einstein-inspired vaccine fridge, and US researchers presented the possibilities for tailor-made vaccines based on each person’s immune system.

A global survey showed a complex picture of vaccine confidence by country (with a surprise from the French), and a Twitter poet reminded us why we must all work harder to help people around the world understand and act upon the importance of immunisation.