This week in vaccines

13th December 2015

This week was one of reflection, as news outlets looked to the past and future of vaccine preventable bugs. 

CNN walked us through a sad list of diseases that, thanks to vaccines and medical care, no longer exist for many, but still afflict the world’s poorest. The Ebola epidemic in West Africa continued to loom large, and its deadly legacy for other preventable illnesses in Sierra Leone was further analysed

Meanwhile, the possibilities for future outbreaks and vaccine responses were still receiving lots of attention. But the future was mostly looking brighter, as the first dengue vaccine was approved in Mexico, and a vaccine for a major cause of childhood pneumonia – RSV – could soon be on the way

But it wasn’t all technical – after a blockbuster year for polio eradication, a communications organisation in Côte d’Ivoire was there to remind us of the lighter side of prevention.