With the cholera outbreak in Zambia worsening, the government launched a campaign to vaccinate one million people against cholera with doses from the Gavi-funded stockpile. At the same time, seasonal flu was spreading across Europe and the US as promising results show that repeated flu vaccination may reduce flu severity.

At the JP Morgan Healthcare conference in San Francisco, Bill Gates made the business case for breakthroughs in global health. Seth Berkley also emphasised this week that global health security requires global effort, while drug-makers warned that calling on them to respond rapidly to global health emergencies is an unsustainable strategy. On a more positive note, a Johns Hopkins professor praised political commitment as helping to reduce the global gap in access to the rotavirus vaccine.

In the week that Oprah was accused of helping spread anti-vaccine pseudoscience, a French survey found that 55% of respondents believe a vaccine conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, neighbouring Italy are embracing lifelong vaccination.