This week in vaccines

16th January 2016

Indian innovation for vaccines continued to form part of the discussion this week, as UNDP shared insights into eVIN – a smartphone app that will help vaccines work for more children, primarily by using real-time data to avoid stock-outs. 

This was also the week we found out that new supplies of cholera vaccine will go further towards protecting some of the world’s most vulnerable people from disease. Vaccines in development also, drew the limelight, as researchers announced that protection against river blindness (a neglected tropical disease), and RSV (a major cause of childhood pneumonia) could be in testing within five years. 

Pausing for thought at the start of a new year, Dr Seth Berkley looked back on thirty years of preventing disease in Uganda, and a scientist writing in The Guardian asked why the HPV vaccine is still underused. 

Looking ahead, a new report on pandemics was released in the US, with key implications for vaccine development and research