This week in vaccines

17th April 2016

This week was dominated by news about the ongoing yellow fever outbreak in Angola, provoking discussions about why it is so challenging, possible vaccine based solutions and what the circumstances can teach us about vaccine funding

US researchers also confirmed the connection between Zika and microcephaly, leading to another round of conversation about how quickly a vaccine could become available. 

One vaccine that does already exist – against meningitis A – was explored as inspiration for protecting people against a range of other strains in the future.

Finally, the last preparations were made for “the switch”, a major step on the journey to polio eradication. This initiative involves changing one polio vaccine for another all across the world within the same two week period. The aim? To remove type 2 polio protection from the vaccine, which will ensure it’s gone for good, after being eradicated in the wild. Watch this space for progress updates over the next fortnight.