This week polio was in the news, as cases were discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo – another setback for the mission to end the disease for ever. More positively, the Rotary International convention met in the USA to look back on how they have supported the eradication campaign, Gavi the Vaccine Alliance committed to greater funding for the same cause, and UNICEF examined how the quest to stop polio has transformed global health.

In other news, Malawi launched an ambitious measles and rubella vaccination campaign, researchers announced plans to find a more effective whooping cough vaccine, and the Lancet analysed innovative financing in global health (and vaccination in particular). DefeatDD explored Bangladesh’s decision to introduce rotavirus vaccines to prevent a major cause of diarrhoea, and the research helping them to introduce it in the most impactful way.

And on Sunday, Father’s Day, we celebrated the men who help vaccines work for their little ones around the world.