It was a busy week for vaccines in the media too: late-night comedian John Oliver dedicated a segment of his programme to them, eighth graders rapped about immunisation in a Hamilton parody, and both the importance of countering anti-vaccine rhetoric on social media and China’s future role in global vaccination were discussed. The ongoing cholera outbreak in Yemen continued to provoke conversation, and a UNICEF report was released showing the huge return on investment from spending money on the health of the world’s poorest, most vulnerable children.

A lot of attention was also drawn to the role of vaccines in preventing future pandemics, with the New York Times examining the CEPI initiative that aims to prepare for big outbreaks by making immunisations ahead of time, and various outlets picking up on the World Bank’s new method for financing pandemic response.  A vaccine patch also caused a lot of conversation about the future of flu vaccination and transporting shots without the need for refrigeration.

Finally, advocates across various African countries released a roadmap exploring the political will and other key ingredients needed to accelerate vaccination progress on the continent, and Gavi DCEO Anurada Gupta celebrated India’s recent immunisation achievements.