This week a confirmed urban case of Ebola caused concern in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as the first Ebola vaccines arrived in the country. The campaign will be the first time the vaccine has been used to stop an outbreak in its initial stages. Answering some of the many questions the situation raised, Seth Berkley explained everything you need to know about the Ebola vaccine.

There was also progress in the fight against two diseases: it was reported that Inovio’s HIV vaccine delivered immune responses that lasted at least six months, while Vaccine looked at the potential for single-dose human papillomavirus vaccine and the head of the World Health Organization renewed the call to fight against the cancer the virus causes. Elsewhere in research, there was a new push for the universal flu vaccine with a candidate heading into phase II clinical trials.

The cholera campaign to protect 450,000 people against cholera was completed in Yemen on Tuesday, whilst two million people are set to be protected against the disease in Africa.