This week in vaccines

20th March 2016

This week a second possible dengue vaccine proved promising, and suggested a way forward for the search for Zika vaccine. Researchers also explored the possibilities of tackling nutrition and sanitation problems that prevent vaccines from protecting children as well as they could in poor settings.

A new study also showed the impact of intentional non-vaccination on measles and whooping cough outbreaks, delay in vaccine licensing exposed how the Ukraine is still vulnerable to polio, and the political barriers to polio eradication were considered. 

Organisations and pharmaceutical companies were also planning for the future, as PATH launched a vaccine access centre, and GSK announced they would reduce the price of pneumococcal vaccine for the world’s poorest countries.  

On a more personal level, Anuradha Gupta looked back at a recent trip to Pakistan, arguing for using immunisation as a gateway to health with the help of female vaccinators. Finally, a new TED talk discussed how creativity can support immunisation and child health around the world.