This week in vaccines

21st February 2016

This week, the global health community prepared to meet in Ethiopia to secure the future of disease prevention through commitment to vaccination for all children across the continent. Accordingly, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala called for ministers of finance and entire governments to sit up and take notice of vaccines and their cost-effectiveness. Joel Lamstein of John Snow highlighted the importance of supply chains to reach those children who are currently unimmunised. 

Researchers were also discussing vaccination in Africa, with one paper looking at how to help children in Kenya get a full course of shots, and another considered the long term challenge of monitoring pneumococcal vaccine effectiveness across many nations

In the rest of the news, reporting continued around the possibilities of a Zika vaccine. Elsewhere, Pakistan continued the battle against polio with another vaccination drive, campaigners in Niger advocated for meningitis C vaccines, and meningitis B vaccines got renewed attention in the UK.