The World Health Organisation and UNICEF released their annual immunisation coverage estimates this week, which found that a record number of children worldwide were immunised in 2017. The WHO also published a report on inequality in immunisation, and the Lancet Global Health pondered immunisation in a “me first” era.

With drug-resistant typhoid spreading in Pakistan, the government will ask for Gavi support to introduce the typhoid vaccine.

Scotland and Wales announced plans to vaccinate boys against human papillomavirus (HPV), prompting calls to expand the programme to the whole of the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the journal Vaccine released a special issue on the virus.

Researchers warned that deadly, animal-borne diseases like Nipah are on the rise, and the Guardian Science Weekly podcast asked whether we’re ready for the next epidemic. 

Finally, as as the reasons for continued polio cases in Pakistan and Afghanistan were examined, experts considered progress towards eradication so far and underlined the need for ongoing commitment to end the disease for good.