The World Economic Forum convened in Davos this week, where politicians and private sector leaders launched a new initiative aiming to manufacture vaccines for high-risk diseases ahead of potential outbreaks. Discussion also continued around polio eradication, the investment still required, and the benefits it would bring. Meanwhile, researchers also raised the possibility of a new kind of polio vaccine.

The meeting also saw partnerships involving Unilever to promote vaccination with handwashing in India, DHL to improve immunisation logistics in Kenya, and Google Org to collect data on cold chain temperatures in various countries. Other immunisation innovations also came into the spotlight, highlighting the potential for lifesaving solutions in the year ahead.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigerian economist and Board Chair of Gavi the Vaccine Alliance, discussed the changing political landscape and vaccination’s role on BBC World Service.

Lastly, attention turned to Syria and the urgent need to immunise children there, making sure epidemics do not further compound the existing humanitarian tragedy.