This week Gavi’s 2016 Annual Progress Report was released, discussing the global forces that could threaten the mission to immunise every child. 

In response to the World Bank’s annual meetings, Orin Levine reiterated the huge economic benefits of investing in vaccines, while Dr. Seth Berkley emphasised the need for innovation and partnership to overcome vaccine challenges. 

The concerning rise of antimicrobial resistance was highlighted at the World Health Summit in Berlin, but new research into bacterial evolution shed light on the possibility of developing an E. coli vaccine. Elsewhere in research, a new rotavirus vaccine shows India’s growing drug development promise, and approval was given for a new pneumococcal vaccine.

Nigeria began a large-scale vaccination campaign against yellow fever, supported by international partners via the global vaccine stockpile. And in the week that the Sultan of Sokoto had to dispel vaccine rumours in Nigeria, Vaccines Today discussed whether search engines should filter results to favour reliable vaccine information.