This week, while a suspected polio case tested negative in Venezuela, vaccine-derived polio was confirmed in Papua New Guinea. The World Health Organization declared the Congolese Ebola outbreak ‘largely contained’, in part thanks to vaccines. A US government report raised the alarm about the threat of new bioweapons, while Gavi CEO Dr. Seth Berkley explored how the world can prevent epidemics with vaccination. A new issue of the Lancet Infectious Diseases also highlighted immunisation as one important means to prepare for the next influenza pandemic.

On World Refugee Day, BRAC explained the importance of vaccinating refugees and Gavi’s Deputy CEO Anuradha Gupta discussed the need to strengthen routine immunisation systems in countries like Chad, which host them.

In the UK, the HPV vaccine was shown to have driven down the rate of infections with the virus by 86%, while Uganda became the latest lower income country getting ready to introduce another new shot – rotavirus vaccine – it to protect young kids from diarrhoea.

Finally, the latest Aid Transparency Index report was released, with Gavi and other vaccine donors and partners scoring well.