This week in vaccines

24th January 2016

The World Economic Forum dominated the headlines this week, and it was at Davos that a new deal to support the most effective Ebola vaccine so far was announced. Gavi and Merck, partners in the agreement, stressed its potential to counter any re-emergence of the current outbreak, since 300,000 doses will be available from March. The value of vaccine collaboration in the face of emerging diseases was also highlighted.

The emerging Zika outbreak – a disease carried by mosquitoes – in South America was also well covered in the news. Little is currently known about the illness, but it is thought to cause birth defects and no treatment exists, which is why vaccine research has quickly gotten underway.

Finally, the fight against polio in Pakistan received renewed attention, as the New York Times assessed the status of the elimination campaign and looked ahead to the country’s upcoming immunisation milestones.