This week the World Economic Forum in Davos hit the headlines, as leaders from around the globe gathered to discuss the world’s biggest challenges and forge alliances to solve them. Global health and vaccination were no exceptions, as Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance announced a partnership with Orange and the Côte d’Ivoire government to use mobile phones to boost immunisation coverage. They also became the first international non-profit to join the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Meanwhile, the Gates Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank announced plans to eliminate malaria in Central America, and to fund research into a new synthetic malaria vaccine. UNICEF’s new executive director also voiced her desire to strengthen the organisation’s collaboration with the private sector.

Progress was also made outside of the glitz and glamour of Davos, with Nigeria launching a campaign to vaccinate 25 million people against yellow fever – their biggest yellow fever campaign ever. Rotavac, the first vaccine to be developed in India, gained WHO pre-qualification. An emergency campaign using to the new typhoid vaccine was launched in Hyderabad.