This week the World Health Assembly began in Geneva, where the issue of global vaccination was high on the agenda. The election of the new Director General of the World Health Organization followed, with Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia triumphing. His election was welcomed by many, especially since he has been a strong advocate for immunisation in the past.

On Thursday, Red Nose Day was held in the USA, featuring a television special, many celebrities and lots of good humour to raise money for good causes, including life-saving vaccination. The day included a special edition of Bear Grylls’ “Running Wild”, featuring Bear and Julia Roberts delivering vaccines to a rural community in Kenya.

In other news, a World Bank report emphasised that the world still isn’t ready for the next infectious disease pandemic, The Economist looked back at history’s deadliest disease, and vaccines continued to be part of the discussion as the Ebola outbreak in DRC continued. A public health analyst also took an intriguing look back at social media data from World Immunisation Week to reflect on the role of Twitter in the online vaccination conversation.