Pneumococcal vaccines – which prevent a key cause of pneumonia – were in the spotlight this week as discussion renewed around their role fighting superbugs, and the global partners Pfizer and Gavi marked the delivery of more than 250 million of these vaccines to lower income countries.

Conversation from last week’s World Economic Forum continued, with Nigeria’s former finance minister arguing that immunisation the first step towards African prosperity, and Dr. Seth Berkley including collaboration for vaccination in his definition of good leadership.  China’s growing role in global health and immunisation received attention, as did the newly-launched CEPI initiative to develop vaccines before a pandemic.

A massive measles campaign made progress in northern Nigeria, reaching almost five million children in conflict affected areas.

And as the Africa Cup of Nations gets underway in Gabon, leading footballers lent their voices to the “Every Shot Counts” campaign to promote child vaccination across the continent.