With the ring vaccination campaign against Ebola going well in Mbandaka, vaccination started in Bikoro this week. WHO are “cautiously optimistic” about the response. Gavi CEO Seth Berkley explained how a vaccine is now available against the disease, spoke to CNN about the campaign and talked about the high tech thermos that makes transporting the shot possible. The Ebola vaccine campaign also sparked a conversation about the future of immunisation in general. 

Vaccine champion Dr. Awele Elumelu explained how Africa’s immunisation outcomes could be improved, whilst Graca Machel explored how global education campaigners are taking inspiration from innovative immunisation financing. 

Social media efforts helped reverse drop human papillomavirus vaccination in Ireland, doctors’ persistence was shown to be effective at boosting immunisation rates in the US, but in the UK there was a call from experts to restore confidence in the vaccine.

Finally, while the Nipah outbreak continued in Kerala, the World Health Organization announced that it’s working on a roadmap to tackle the disease. Bill Gates wrote about innovation against potential pandemics in NEJM, emphasising the importance of preparedness.