This week in vaccines

31st January 2016

As the World Health Organisation convened to discuss imminent health issues in Geneva, Zika continued to dominate the news. Some argued that the only option to combat it was to find a vaccine – fast.

Reflecting on the importance of health systems for vaccination and other basic child health services, Save the Children questioned whether we had learned the right lessons from the Ebola epidemic. Meanwhile, JSI examined the role of data in preserving vital health systems, immunisation and stopping Ebola’s spread in Sierra Leone. Looking to future epidemics, both Seth Berkley and Orin Levine outlined how prevention is the best protection for emerging infectious diseases.

Back in the realm of more established immunisation, this week Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance celebrated one year since the fundraising conference where donors pledged $7.5 billion to help vaccines work for all children around the world. Facing up to the challenge of immunising children in the hardest to reach places, Village Reach also released a report on leadership as a possible “magic bullet” to help vaccines go that extra mile.