This week in vaccines

31st July 2016

This week saw organisations come together to celebrate World Hepatitis Day, and call for elimination of the disease in the face of a growing number of deaths, including vaccines for types A and B.

After good news from Nigeria last week, Pakistan this week renewed efforts to fight polio, and to strengthen the immunisation system. Further afield, celebrations in Indonesia marked their introduction of the inactivated polio vaccine, cementing progress against the disease.

Over in Sudan, meningitis A vaccines were introduced into the routine immunisation schedule – a first for the area of Africa known as the “meningitis belt”.

On the research side, scientists in the US announced some optimistic findings related to a possible Zika vaccine, the growing exploration of drones for medical and humanitarian causes, including vaccine delivery, received attention, and disruptive innovation was discussed as a fresh approach to reaching all children with vaccines globally.