This week Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance announced a decision to fund a new typhoid conjugate vaccine, with CEO Seth Berkley emphasising its potential for saving lives and stopping the spread of drug resistance.  

Vaccines reached Yemen for the first time since the Saudi-led blockade, but UNICEF emphasised that this cannot be a one-off.

As flu season gets underway, the UK’s National Health Service advised that child ‘super spreaders’ must be vaccinated in order to protect elderly relatives, and a review in NEJM discussed the need for a universal influenza vaccine. There were also calls for children to receive the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine following reports of cases in two UK cities. Meanwhile, Vaccines Today asked ‘does mandatory vaccination work in Europe?’

In the week of World AIDS Day, hopes for an HIV vaccine were buoyed by the launch of a second big trial. Elsewhere in research, Panacea Biotec announced that India could get a dengue vaccine as early as 2019.