The week since the World Economic Forum saw both promising and concerning announcements in global health and immunisation. The ‘big 6’ countries of the WHO South-East Asia Region met in New Delhi to discuss approaches to eliminating measles.  Meanwhile, the CDC announced dramatic reductions in its epidemic prevention activities to just 10 countries due to lack of funding, and the plight of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh was once again in the spotlight as the preventable diphtheria outbreak continued. 

In research, Takeda’s Zika vaccine got a fast track from the FDA to speed through development, and Nigeria announced that it will begin domestic vaccine production.

On Sunday, World Cancer Day captured global attention, attention fell on the underuse of HPV vaccines for stopping cases of cervical cancer globally. Others highlighted the broader role of vaccines in cancer prevention, the champions helping protect communities, and how action on adolescent health could shield future generations from its scourge.