As the media reflected on the response to the last outbreak, DRC announced that Ebola has struck again in another part of the country. The Wellcome Trust explains why putting research at the heart of our response to such epidemics saves lives.

In light of the recent release of WHO and UNICEF’s annual immunisation coverage estimates, Gavi CEO Dr Seth Berkley made the case for strengthening routine immunisation. As part of Gavi’s efforts to increase coverage, they also presented the 2018 pacesetters for their innovation platform, INFUSE, this week.

The Lancet looked at the measles outbreak in the Americas, while a new report explored the economic impact of the disease on communities.

In research, a new tuberculosis treatment could help tackle the global epidemic and maternal dengue immunity was found to protect against fetal damage in mice after Zika infection, and American and Chinese scientists are developing a nanoparticle universal flu vaccine.

Finally, the journal Vaccine looked at Pakistani parents’ reasons for not vaccinating their children, a doctor’s message to anti-vaccine parents took the internet by storm. Meanwhile, Paul Offit called out six celebrities who spread anti-vaccine rumours.