Gavi helped vaccinate 65 million people in 2017, according to their annual report published this week.

Afghanistan launched a major vaccination campaign to protect 13.8 million people against measles. Meanwhile, Uganda will reach 1.6 million people with oral cholera vaccine, and Lao PDR has launched a campaign to protect flood-hit communities against the disease. In India, floods in Kerala have led to a surge in rat-fever cases and fears over drug shortages.

As the Ebola outbreak continues in DRC, Devex looked at the role of public-private partnerships in making the Ebola vaccine available for use in this response. The first urban case and ongoing violence in the north-eastern outbreak area are cause for concern.

A new report by the Lancet Global Health found that when it comes to health, we should focus on quality and not quantity. In 2016, 8.6 million excess deaths occurred from treatable conditions in low- and middle-income countries, with five million down to poor quality healthcare.

Finally, a flight was quarantined in New York after 100 people on board fell ill. A CDC spokesman later said they were likely suffering from flu or a common cold.