This week in vaccines

10th April 2016

This week health workers of all kinds, including those on the front lines of immunisation, were celebrated as part of World Health Workers Week

Worries continued around Angola’s yellow fever outbreak and the availability of vaccines, and another round of parallels were drawn between Zika and rubella outbreaks

In Ethiopia at the beginning of the week, international organisations urged African countries to prioritise vaccination in their budgets, while their real return on investment was illustrated by a handy infographic

Norway stepped up to continue their commitment immunising the world’s poorest children, and India prepared to launch rotavirus vaccine, which protects against deadly diarrhoea, in another state. 

Afghanistan and Pakistan explained how they’ve been working together to protect children from polio across borders, and  Mali introduced inactivated polio vaccine (IPV). UNICEF also shared a video explaining why “the switch” to IPV matters so much

Preparations for World Immunisation Week (at the end of April) began, with Shot at Life helping a mother from Haiti tell her vaccination story.