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Getting life-saving medicines from the sky

A medical drone on a test flight in Rwanda. Photo: UPS. Kevin Etter, UPS, and Moz Siddiqui, Gavi The Rwandan government will soon use drones to deliver life-saving blood supplies and rabies vaccines to health workers in the western half of the East African...

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Boosting Immunity, One Click at a Time

Ian Roe, Content Strategist at I Boost Immunity  If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard the phrase “likes don’t save lives”. It’s a stark call out of our online culture – liking and sharing articles can make us feel better, but it often doesn’t directly change a...

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STEP-ping up to share skills and save lives

Emily Loud, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance “There is a lot to manage to make sure children are vaccinated in Kenya. With hard to reach areas, inadequate transport and high turnover of workers, I used to wonder how we were going to keep everything going.” In her work as a community nurse, Lucy Wanjiku saw the damage done by preventable diseases, and wanted to do something about...

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Spreading the word about vaccines in Ethiopia

Rachael Hore, Gavi What does it take to get people to claim their right to protection against deadly diseases? The answer is as varied as the people in question. In Afar, Ethiopia, actors, singers and dancers are all part of innovative efforts to help families in this rural community demand the vaccinations their children deserve just as much as youngsters living...

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Share what is good and beautiful

Dagfinn Høybråten, Gavi Board Chair 2011-2015 I have just returned from a week’s visit in China – a country with a special place in my heart. My childhood was filled with stories from China, told by my grandmother who grew up in the Hunan province as the daughter of one of the pioneers bringing western medicine to China....

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I am the donation

Kevin Etter, UPS & Gavi Adding a TED Talk to your resume is a great opportunity. Breaking through philanthropic paradigms to have something to talk about during your TED Talk is...

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