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Business unusual: the changing world of immunization supply chains

Emma Stewart, Policy & Advocacy Officer at PATH, and Heidi Lasher is an independent consultant working with PATH. Once considered a niche technical area, immunization supply chains – the network of staff, equipment, vehicles, and data needed to get vaccines safely from manufacturer to clinic – haven’t always been recognized for the important role they play in reaching ambitious health...

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Polio eradication: where are we now?

Ciara McCarthy, Gavi Ahead of World Polio Day, we spoke to Michel Zaffran, director of polio eradication at the World Health Organization, about the difficulties in vaccinating every child and what the success of the polio eradication programme means for our work to tackle other...

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Against the odds: how Haiti is taking back ownership of its immunisation programme

Anuradha Gupta, DCEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance For years, the odds have been stacked against improvements to Haiti’s struggling health care system. On my recent visit to one of the world’s poorest countries, I witnessed firsthand the human suffering left by decades of political instability, social deprivation and a seemingly endless wave of hurricanes, tropical storms and...

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