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Rwanda’s virtuous cycle of vaccination and innovation

Anuradha Gupta, DCEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance “Before, we sent a technician to Kigali to get blood, and it took about four to five hours” says Alice.  “But now we just make a request on WhatsApp or email, and within a few minutes, we get the...

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Vaccines for every last child

A young girl in Kenya. Credit: Gavi/ Evelyn Hockstein. Susanna Krüger, CEO of Save the Children Germany #Vaccineswork has not only been the motto of this year’s World Immunization Week, but is an accomplished fact supported by the successes made through immunisation programs in the past...

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Vaccinating to protect the future of Ghana’s children

Anuradha Gupta, Deputy CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance This year’s African Vaccination Week urged everyone to do their part to bring immunisation to every child, and, while we all have a role, it’s clear that politicians and public figures can have the greatest impact by prioritising and investing in...

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Airing pneumonia’s dirty laundry, one story at a time

Lauren Newhouse,Communications Officer at PATH This year, the 11th International Symposium on Pneumococci and Pneumococcal Diseases(ISPPD-11) was full of these kinds of stories. Stories of hope, sorrow, and science—all from renowned and upcoming researchers and doctors in the pneumonia and pneumococcal...

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Seizing the opportunity: integrating immunisation and water, sanitation and hygiene

With early evaluations of combined immunisation and hygiene programmes showing promising results, more research is needed into what could make a huge difference to health in low- and middle-income countries. Sophie Durrans, Research Uptake Officer at the SHARE Consortium, and Megan Wilson-Jones, Policy Analyst – Health and Hygiene at WaterAid UK, examine the...

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