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This week in vaccines: 19th November 2017

The overuse of antibiotics was highlighted this week by the World Health Organization’s Antibiotic Awareness Week ‘Handle with Care’ campaign. The Lancet looked at the use of vaccination to reduce antibiotic resistance and mathematically modelled the impact that vaccination could have on this rising global health...

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This week in vaccines: 12th November 2017

In the week that WIPO hosted discussions on vaccine innovation and access, there were multiple calls for greater investment in both of these areas. Experts urged that “the vaccine process needs to be accelerated” for group B streptococcus, which is responsible for more than 100,000 stillbirths and baby deaths...

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This week in vaccines: 5th November 2017

This week saw an emphasis on global collaboration to fight some of the world’s biggest diseases. On Friday, a coalition to fight pneumonia was announced ahead of World Pneumonia Day next...

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This week in vaccines: 29th October 2017

This week National Geographic highlighted why vaccines are so crucial, and the spotlight fell on two major success stories for vaccination: global measles deaths fell below 100,000 for the first...

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This week in vaccines: 22nd October 2017

This week Gavi’s 2016 Annual Progress Report was released, discussing the global forces that could threaten the mission to immunise every child.  In response to the World Bank’s annual meetings, Orin Levine reiterated the huge economic benefits of investing in...

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This week in vaccines: 15th October 2017

In the week in which the validity of the word ‘vaccine’ itself was called into question, their value as a public health intervention was not: both New Zealand and the Republic of Korea eliminated measles and...

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Solar power and vaccine champions in Haiti

Christophe Da Silva, Photographer I recently travelled to Haiti to document the installation of Gavi-supported solar-powered fridges that will help Haiti keep vaccines cool, and meet the vaccine champions working to increase immunisation coverage in the most remote areas of the...

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This week in vaccines: 2 July 2017

It was a busy week for vaccines in the media too: late-night comedian John Oliver dedicated a segment of his programme to them, eighth graders rapped about immunisation in a Hamilton parody, and both the importance of countering anti-vaccine rhetoric on social media and China’s future role in global vaccination were...

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