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Solar power and vaccine champions in Haiti

Christophe Da Silva, Photographer I recently travelled to Haiti to document the installation of Gavi-supported solar-powered fridges that will help Haiti keep vaccines cool, and meet the vaccine champions working to increase immunisation coverage in the most remote areas of the...

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This week in vaccines: 2 July 2017

It was a busy week for vaccines in the media too: late-night comedian John Oliver dedicated a segment of his programme to them, eighth graders rapped about immunisation in a Hamilton parody, and both the importance of countering anti-vaccine rhetoric on social media and China’s future role in global vaccination were...

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This week in vaccines: 25th June 2017

As Yemen’s cholera outbreak worsened, international partners agreed to ship out cholera vaccines in a bid to stop the disease amid conflict and suffering. A polio vaccine campaign was drawn up to stop more cases in Syria, and broader discussions analysed the many links between war and...

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This week in vaccines: 18th June 2017

This week polio was in the news, as cases were discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo – another setback for the mission to end the disease for ever. More positively, the Rotary International convention met in the USA to look back on how they have supported the eradication campaign, Gavi the Vaccine Alliance committed to greater funding for the same cause, and UNICEF examined how the quest to stop polio has transformed global...

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This week in vaccines: 11th June 2017

This week cases of polio were reported in Syria, and suspected cholera cases in Yemen reached 100,000, showing two examples of how disease thrives amid conflict and tragedy. CNN looked into the methods governments around the world use to encourage vaccination, and Popular Science examined the possibility of making vaccines as contagious as the diseases they seek to...

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This week in vaccines: 28th May 2017

This week the World Health Assembly began in Geneva, where the issue of global vaccination was high on the agenda. The election of the new Director General of the World Health Organization followed, with Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia...

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