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This week in vaccines: 18th February 2018

This week Bill and Melinda Gates used their tenth annual letter to answer ten tough questions, citing their work improving vaccine coverage as one of their biggest achievements in India and encouraging governments to invest in vaccines and...

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This week in vaccines – 4th February 2018

The week since the World Economic Forum saw both promising and concerning announcements in global health and immunisation. The ‘big 6’ countries of the WHO South-East Asia Region met in New Delhi to discuss approaches to eliminating...

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This week in vaccines: 28th January 2018

This week the World Economic Forum in Davos hit the headlines, as leaders from around the globe gathered to discuss the world’s biggest challenges and forge alliances to solve them. Global health and vaccination were no exceptions, as Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance announced a partnership with Orange and the Côte d’Ivoire government to use mobile phones to boost immunisation...

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This week in vaccines: 21st January 2018

As the 100th anniversary of the Spanish flu pandemic approaches, scientists focus their efforts on developing a universal flu vaccine. Seth Berkley warns that luck is currently the only thing preventing a devastating...

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This week in vaccines: 14th January 2018

With the cholera outbreak in Zambia worsening, the government launched a campaign to vaccinate one million people against cholera with doses from the Gavi-funded stockpile. At the same time, seasonal flu was spreading across Europe and the US as promising results show that repeated flu vaccination may reduce flu...

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This week in vaccines: 7th January 2018

This week a breakthrough typhoid vaccine – with the power to save children’s lives – was approved by the World Health Organization, generating optimistic conversation around the possibilities of future use in poorer...

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This week in vaccines: 17th December 2017

This week, all eyes were on a conference on Universal Health Coverage taking place in Tokyo, Japan, which hosted discussions on how interventions like vaccination could form a platform for other health services, and produced a unifying declaration at the...

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This week in vaccines: 10th December 2017

In the week that 1.4 million supported yellow fever vaccines went to Nigeria to control an outbreak, ex-finance minister, vaccine champion and Gavi’s Board Chair Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala spoke on television about modern immunisation challenges and ensuring the future of...

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This week in vaccines: 3rd December 2017

This week Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance announced a decision to fund a new typhoid conjugate vaccine, with CEO Seth Berkley emphasising its potential for saving lives and stopping the spread of drug...

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