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This week in vaccines: 21st May 2017

This week worries around the yellow fever outbreak in Brazil and its epidemic potential were highlighted, while discussions around how best to control the emerging Ebola outbreak in DRC...

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A shot at tackling childhood pneumonia in India

Dr. Mangla Sood, State Immunization Officer, Himachal Pradesh Looking out over India from the north-west Himalayas, Mandi was the perfect setting for an historic day for public health last week, whose consequences will reach across the whole...

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This week in vaccines: 14th May 2017

This Friday, an Ebola outbreak was declared in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), but this time emergency vaccines are ready to be deployed to stop the outbreak. Over the weekend, India also made a landmark vaccine introduction with the launch of the pneumococcal vaccine, which prevents causes of both pneumonia and...

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This week in vaccines: 7th May 2017

In the wake of World Immunisation Week, JP Nadda, India’s Minister of Health and Family Welfare, wrote about the value of expanding immunisation for India’s children, as well as the recent progress made by their vaccination...

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This week in vaccines: 30th April 2017

This week marked “World Immunization Week” around the world, prompting an outpouring of discussion and ideas about how to help vaccines work for all children. Key challenges to universal immunisation were tackled, including health data and the potential of digital identities, urbanisation and refugees, and the difficulties of reaching rural and nomadic...

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This week in vaccines: 23rd April 2017

This weekend was marked by marches for science around the world, including some healthy support for vaccination via pithy placards. The marchers weren’t alone, as earlier in the week Bill Gates was once again advocating the benefits of vaccination for children around the world, and the foreign aid that supports it....

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This week in vaccines: 9th April 2017

This week saw remarkable progress in child health since 1990 was explored,showing that deaths had almost halved in the 25 years since. Immunisation in India was praised for a promising start to 2017, introducing new vaccines to protect against measles, rubella and others major...

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This week in vaccines: 5th March 2017

This week the World Health Organization took measures to counter misinformation, outlining trustworthy online sources when it comes to immunisation information. The CDC kept up its vaccine advocacy on Twitter with the image...

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